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For your ultimate live experience , high entertainment !


Jan Hertog Live Club sets the stage for your ultimate live experience , high entertainment and activity

Additional Services Offered:

* Executive Event Production

* Live Music Bookings & Tickets

* Meet & Greet Artists

* PR Support

* Variety of music

* Try-out gigs

* Jamsessions


Jan Hertog Live Club introduces a new forward thinking venue , one that blurs the line between the glamour of the past, the luxury of the present, and a new vision for tomorrow , a concept of setting a stage where everyone who enters will play their part, a friendly, welcoming and professional venue .

Jan Hertog Live Club has had the pleasure of welcoming some of the world's greatest bands&artists ;

during the past years, some of the finest international artists did visit the

Jan Hertog Café.


Ozzy Osbourne’s legendary guitarist Jake E Lee spend a whole evening/night at Jan Hertog’s during a jamsession, while other well known artists as Tim Owens (Singer of Judas Priest, Iced Earth, Yngwie Malmsteen), John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, Riot, TNT,…), Kelly Sundown (Firewind), Alex Masi, Tore St. Moren, Darren Smith (Harem Scarem), and many others performed on stage during gigs or jamsessions. Some of these artists pass by each time their tour is passing Belgium, while others like Jan Thore Grefstad (Voice of Norway, Saint Deamon), John Macaluso and Nic Angileri (Jorn) did stay for a whole week !

The “stage” was peviously located in a small corner, but some of the fine fleur of internal rock/metal artists did peform with enthousiam, because of the great atmostphere and the great sound inside Jan Hertog’s.


Well known artists, as well as promissing bands like Furyon,Cage,Avatar,…. Cheered us up with solid performances, even if the accomodation wasn’t up to their usual standards, but they had fun, they enjoyed their stay and the interaction with the fans.


Future concerts/jamsessions will benefit a whole new accomodation, a decent stage, great sound, a new venue, at the same address, where the audience can enjoy the shows in an intimate club, close to the bands, with nearly perfect audio and visibillity, to get the best possible live experience.


Jan Hertog Live Club is also a breeding ground to new talent, with many of the hottest local acts making their name here by playing as support band or by doing a try-out gig. Every last Saturday of the month is free stage for our monthly Jamsession , also the possibility for new starting bands to do their thing.

Jan hertog Live Club has the capability and experience to develope and manage your very special event , we start with your idea and through careful consultation , brings it to life.


To plan your next booking or private event or for more information , contact us: info@rommelrock.be